Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vintage Nesting Tables

My mom loves to give me things, not necessarily things I need or want. Like stuff from my grandmother or great aunt, these two were a “Clean House” nightmare. Occasionally I inherit something good that needs to be updated, like these nesting tables below. These are French Provincial nesting tables from the ‘60’s. I have seen them in their original gold and white colors in antique shops locally for about a hundred or so dollars. When I received them, these well loved tables were more shabby than chic. I neglected to do “before” photos because I wanted to do them as quickly as possible, but with a couple cans of black satin spray paint, and a can of gloss, this is what I got:

I found out that spray painting in cut up cardboard boxes, like a paint booth, is easier than using newspapers. And a lot less messy! I am trying to stay as contemporary as possible, but I think you can use updated vintage pieces to add something too. I will do before photos in the future.

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