Monday, November 15, 2010

So..... Lazy!

I am so lazy, I really wanted to create a blog and be consistent with it. So what do I do? Was I in Europe for Fashion Week? No. Was I away on a business trip to an exotic locale? Nope. Was I giving birth to quadruplets? Heck no!

It's one of my biggest defects or habits or whatever. I have learned the art of laziness throughout my younger years, disguised as Asthma. I have this lung condition where, in the '70's, was excruciatingly debilitating when I was a kid. I could not run further than a few steps and that old familiar lung squeeze, shortness of breath followed by coughing, anytime, anywhere. I could not do sports at all! I was the last one picked for teams due to my inability to perform any kind of sport. I felt terrible (physically) all the time! Not just allergy season, but always. Cut the grass at school, instant allergies, any pets, runny nose, sneezing, wheezing and coughing. It was awful.

This lead to my laziness, I could not run around. So, I sat in front of the TV, alot! My parents, on the direction of doctors, could not ask me to dust or run the vacuum because that meant an attack or worse, a trip to the emergency room! Doctors then told me not to over exert myself, and I heeded their advise. It's frightening as a kid having an attack, especially then. They did not have the medications available to prevent attacks available. Only when you had one and were in crisis did they offer any solutions. So, I sat, in front of the TV.

But, today is different. Since the 1990's the Asthma medications have radically changed and so did the attitudes of the doctors in charge of healing people with the disease. I've had allergy shots for years! Since I was about 5 my parents, on the advice of doctors, got me allergy shots. Twice a week, then to once a week then every two and so on, till I was on them once a month as a teen. The flipping shots did not work for me. Ever! Until, I was in my 30's and my Allergist asked me if I still wanted to get them. I said "No!" It's amazing, since I stopped the shots, what, 8 or 10 years ago, my allergies improved dramatically! No runny nose, nothing! I am around environmental allergies and nothing! Cats, ok, still allergic to the critters, but I feel so much better on my Flonase and Singulair and NOT on the shots. Amazing!!

Anyway, I learned to be lazy, not to get out, make friends or be a part of a team. Sad. But today I have a choice whether or not to choose to be lazy or not. Today I am choosing to not, I want to do this and be accountable. My Asthma is in check, I can actually run on a treadmill for 15 minutes on a good day. Still have to watch for it, but have more good days than not.

I have also learned that it's not all my Asthma to blame for lack of self discipline it's my head, and my ego. It, maybe, helped me along the way, but I have to blame myself. It's just about the old Nike logo "Just Do It!"

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  1. I don't remember us being on any of the same teams at school, which is to bad because it would have been interesting to see which one of us they would have picked last.