Thursday, August 4, 2011

Salty, earthy, goodness, "oh my!"

I went ahead and spent the money and got:
Yes, Black Truffle Salt.

It is very interesting, earthy mostly. I am not too familiar with Truffle products, other than the chocolate variety! Yum!! But, this is Grey salt form the Atlantic Ocean with Black Truffle. So, I wanted to try out my new snazzy salt by slicing some tomatoes,

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the heirloom variety is the best, I sprinkled the Black Truffle salt on top, finished off with a basil leaf and some goat cheese (I did not have mozzarella, boo!) I put the tomatoes in the broiler for about five minutes and they were really great! The broiled tomatoes and salt just melted together beautifully. I served the tomatoes with eggs over easy, I am sure that poached would be great too. The Truffle was an interesting addition to the food, very earthy tasting, very different, but really good.

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